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why investments to coffee market are stable & profitable?

Millions upon millions of cups of coffee are consumed throughout the world each year. From its origins in the ninth century to its humble commercial beginnings at the Kiva Han to its mega-star status in today's modern arena, coffee has cemented its position as an essential traded commodity.

Fair trade coffee

Fair trade coffee is slowly gaining popularity. Fair trade guarantees coffee growers a set price before harvest. This has led to more privately negotiated deals with coffee co-ops around the world.

drinking coffe is healthy

Numerous studies have found that drinking coffee might help reduce the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer's, gout, cirrhosis of the liver and others, significantly outweighing some of coffee's known health risks.

Coffee is a key cash crop

Coffee is a key cash crop in various developing countries. Coffee accounts for 60% of Ethiopia's exports. The current belief is that more than 100 million people in these countries depend on coffee as their main source of income.

Coffee on the Rise

World demand for coffee beans is poised to hit a record this year as people around the world are consuming more of the beverage. The high demand is leading to higher prices each year for the coffee beans.

our coffee farms location map

We own part of coffee farms in Brazil, Colombia and Democratic Republic of Congo. It gives us the confidence that the produced coffee is high
quality, and the farmers are receiving a fair wage for their efforts. This is a key factor of our program stability.


Colombia: Salento Quindio: 2.5 acres


Brazil: Alto Jequitiba, Minas Gerais: 1.5 acres


Democratic Republic of Congo: Lake Kivu: 2.5 acres

We have a registered company specialised on coffee market assets

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